The 7 Secrets About Where Not To Meet Women You Will Never Know


Bars are not the best place

Think about about it, women in bars are there just killing time or they are there drowning their troubles away in alcohol. In either case that is not the type of women that you want to get. The usual outcome is that you get ignored or spend money buying drinks just to get rejecting later.

Clubs are for attention seeking women

The raw statistics behind night clubs is that most of the guys that go there do not meet women. The night club system works something like this. The club lets women in for free, knowing that it will attract guys to the club who will buy the women drinks. Everyone is aware of this system accept the guys. Women know that they will get free stuff at the club without having to give anything in return.

Night clubs are famous for attention seeking women. They are usually dressed sexy and crave attention and free drinks from men. This has to be one or the worst places to meet women.

The Workplace can land you in trouble

It goes without saying that approaching the wrong women at work can cause you a lot of misery up to and including losing your job. How would you feel if you lost your job over a women you did not even sleep with? Even if you did sleep with her and ending up losing your job, how would you feel? So if it worth it? Absolutely not.

Women know that they have the ultimate power in the work place. They will be cool when things are going right and turn into monsters when things dont go their way. Stay away from women at work.

Online Dating Sites can be tricky at times

Most of the women you will meet online have something to hide. Think about it. Why would a women that have it all going for herself be unable to find someone in real life. The answer is that she usually has some serious flaws. She knows that she can mask those flaws with online dating.

When meeting women online, it is easy to get excited about some pretty pictures and a well written dating profile but once you start to communicate and eventually meet this woman those flaws will start to come out one by one. Do yourself a favor and approach this cautiously.

The Book Store is typical

The book store is not a good place to meet women. Simply put this concept has been over saturated. Women are expecting men to approach them in the book store. This sets you up for rejection because they go in with their guards up. Another flaw about meeting women at book stores is that it can project desperation because women are thinking that this is an easy place to meet them and you are afraid of completion.

The Gym is usually a bad idea

The Gym is one of the absolute worst places to meet women. Women feel that you are looking at their bodies at the gym. When approaching a women at the gym she thinks that you only want sex and even though that is true on both sides they hate to admit that idea to themselves. Women were revealing outfits at the gym and know that they arose men but act pissed off if you approach them.

When you meet a women at the gym she automatically puts you into a player category. You then have to climb uphill and work your way out of the perception in order to get to know her. That can be to much work that is not worth it.

The Laundromat

When approaching women in the laundromat she is going to put you into the stalker category. Her thought process is that you are so desperate that you have to approach women in low competition areas. Do not approach women in the laundromat.

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