Girlfriend With Guyfriends

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How to identify a girlfriend with guyfriends

So guys, you have a girlfriend with guyfriends. It is easy to see if your girlfriend has guyfriends. If she picks up her phone and keeps conversations short and sharp and goes into another room to complete conversation. Once you find out that she has guyfriends, find out where she is at with them.

Do not jump to conclusions. Find out if she is still in love with you. She may just be flirting with other guys just to get you jealous. She may be doing stupid things just to get your attention. Women that use these covert dating tactics are very immature and stupid because it backfires most of the time.

Girlfriend With Guyfriends, Holding HandsA word of caution, a girlfriend with guyfriends is usually a needy woman that is in need of attention. She will use friendships with guys and ex boyfriends to get emotional entertainment from your frustration to lift up her low self esteem. She is basically mentally abusing you in the cruelest way. Just keep watching this girl for when her behavior towards you changes. Next watch for patterns of phone and text conversations, and so called nights out with the girls.

Heart break and romance go hand in hand. Never be surprised if the girl you love has betrayed you for another man or even your friend or family member. Women put on the sweetest face and are really the meanest people deep down inside and some actually hate men.

How to handle a girlfriend with guyfriends

I do not think it is cool for your girl to have guyfriends but you must deal with it fairly. What you do is watch and everything will fall into place. If she catches attitudes with you about anything after or before hanging out with the guyfriend than she is guilty of something. The guy is probably sleeping with her, or getting sexual favors in exchange for gifts, money, time, affection or what ever your girl is in need of. If the guy is not getting sex from her now, he will be getting it soon if you let your girl hang out with him. You should never allow your girlfriend to have guyfriends.

Girlfriend With Guyfriends, Guy Taking Her ShoppingI would not allow my girl to hang out with any guy if I smell something fishy. Letting your girlfriend hang out or even communicate with guyfriend or an ex boyfriend is crazy. You are asking for trouble. I have gotten sex from many ex girlfriends and it was very easy to do. Once they had a thing for you, it is easy to get what you want if they are not mad at you.

Women who insist on being friends with their ex boyfriend are straight whores. I do not know if you ever heard the saying that you can not turn a hooker into a house wife, but you need to think about it. If you have a girlfriend with guyfriends you have to watch her closely and make sure you let her know that it is not something you approve of. You love your girl and seem to think every guy out there is a jerk for trying to get with her. Newsflash, they could not get any play if she was not giving out her number, calling and hanging out with these guys.

It is tuff to swallow but your girl is a slut if she is hanging out with guyfriends and especially her ex boyfriend because she is at minimum mentally cheating on you. Now you should know that with women it is a mental game so if that slut girlfriend of yours is mentally cheating with her ex boyfriend or any other guy, she will be sleeping with him or giving him sexual favors sooner or later. Remember, women go from mental to physical, that is how they are wired. It is not a matter of if it will happen, it is a matter of when.

When to confront her your girlfriend with guyfriends

Girlfriend With Guyfriends, Checking Text From GuyfriendConfront her as soon as she mentions guyfriends. I do not care, no guyfriends, especially ex boyfriends are not allowed. There is no guarantee that she will listen to you but you have to state your feelings. It really hurts a man when his girl is friends with an ex boyfriend.

Now what you will be looking for is changes in her behavior. Once she gets smart with you do not hesitate to say that she is acting out because of a relationship with the guyfriend or ex boyfriend. Let her know that you know what is going on and will not be played for a fool.

Call your woman on her behavior. Let your woman know that you are in control all the time. Do not turn a blind eye to your girlfriend having guyfriends because it can only get worse.

Take control of the girlfriend with guyfriends situation

Any girlfriend that flaunts guyfriends or is friends with her ex boyfriend and thinks nothing of it is a low life woman that is needy and has low self esteem. The way to take control of this is to put your foot down and let her know this behavior is unacceptable. She will never change her ways fully but she will respect you for laying down the law. Remember that is your girlfriend and not another guys or for her ex boyfriend. She is yours to do with what you please.

When your Girlfriend Has Male Friends or ex boyfriend as a friend she will lash out and viciously attack you when you confront her with this slutty behavior. You have to understand even if she is not having any type of sexual acts with these guys, these guys are expecting sex from her in one way or another and sooner or later whether it is consensual or coerced or rape  they will get it.

You in fact are protecting your girlfriend with guyfriends or ex boyfriend by making her aware and hopefully staying away from the situation. Another problem with this kind of thing is that one of these guys may want to cause you emotional, physical or financial harm.


You do not have to leave your girlfriend because she has guyfriends or is friends with her ex boyfriend. Just communicate your dissatisfaction and unhappiness over the situation and deal with it as it progress. I am sorry to say that you will not be able to change this type of women. You can only manage her. Remember the girl is yours and not for the other guy, so you would be playing yourself like a joke and putting your girl right into his hands if you walk away before trying my steps. Work my plan first and it that does not work, then you will need to replace your girlfriend. More good info on how to deal with your girlfriend with guyfriends here.

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