How To Get A Girl


Build Confidence, and learn What To Do To Get A Girl Now.

Decide To Get A Girl
The only way you are going to get a girl and build confidence is if you decide on getting that girl. You have to focus on your goal which is to stop being lonely and get a girl. Girls do not usually go after men, so you have to go after that girl with every dating tip, seduction technique and pick up line that you can think about. Once you focus on how to get a girl you will start to notice girls all around you and start to go for it. To get a girl is not a weekend project for the club nights. To get a girl is a 24 by 7 mission that you have to put all your energy into until you are successfully with a girl of your own. Take this seriously until you can get a girl.

It is easy to find single girls because they are basically everywhere that you go. Always be on the look out for single girls, if you are not you will not find them. To get a girls phone number all you have to do is ask for it and they will give it to you. It is that simple. When I meet a girl that I like I claim her as my girlfriend. Think about it why not, you are the man and the woman wants you to lead her man. It is okay to be nice to your woman but at the end of the day she must know that you are a confident man that runs things.

Focus On The Type Of Girl You Want
Have a specific type of girl in mind. You can not waste time going after a bunch of girls who will waste your time that you are not that interested in. I will explain further. Dude, think about it: can you remember getting a number and even going on a date with a girl that you were not really interested in but you were going through the motions. I know, believe me I know. Do not waste your time on girls that are not your type. Instead, go for your dream girl. In order to accomplish something big you have to let the little things pass by. Guy, I'm telling you my real life experience. I used to be that guy that would go for most any girl at the club just to stake up numbers and what I thought was my chance at getting laid. In fact by doing this I accomplished little but a bunch of worthless phone numbers of drunk girls that forgot that they gave me their phone numbers later on and basically wasted my time. Had I known what I am sharing with you now I would have focused on the quality girls that I had been dreaming about. Now to your surprise these girls are interested in you. The reason you do not notice that is because you are busy focusing on all of the waste of time girls in the area. In the meantime there could have been a few quality girls of your type that you missed out on. I have had situations where I have gotten to a girls place and had her just where I thought I wanted her to be and stopped in my tracks and thought to myself, I'm not attracted to this girl and nothing ended up happening that evening because of the negative thought. The point i'm making is if its a girl you are attracted to you will go all the way and get laid.


How To Get That Girl
You must be on the look out for your dream girl at all times. You do not know where you are going to meet her. Now, Guy; when you see that girl you have to go for it right away. Girls are unforgiving, a woman can see you and be interested but 90% of the time she will wait for you to make the move and if you are indecisive she will reject you as a weak man. Here's the rule of thumb, you see the girl you talk to the girl. Yes, that simple. Once you know what you are looking for the attraction will be so normal it will all fall into place. Check out my pick up lines article for some good stuff.

  • See the woman you want
  • Make contact with her
  • Get her number

Girls will not volunteer themselves to you even if they like you. You have to claim the girl. Believe me my friend this is a big turn on for the girl. Girls still have traditional values deep inside them even though it may seem different these days. Girls want their men to lead.

Places To Get Girls
It could be any where, at work, the street, in the mall, at church, or the park, get a girl anywhere. Do not let down your radar for to get a girl. You will be surprised where you can get a girl at. You can meet quality girls at the coffee shop and in department stores. If she is interested she will make it known with subconscious things as trying on or checking out clothing around you. This will give you an opening to comment on the clothing. If you think the girl is worth it go for it. Almost everywhere you go girls will give you signs to come and talk to them. If you are in line at motor vehicles or buying stamps at the post office any girl that give you the slightest attitude is trying to get you open to talking to her. It is up to you what you do with it after the girl gives you that slight nudge, so to speak to her, but this is how girls work my friend. Know the signs and go for it.

Its Time To Get That Girl
Step up to the plate and deliver. Its nice to say hello and strike up a conversation then have a few laughs, but that's not what its all about. You have to at the least get her phone number and at best go home with the girl. For you to get a girl is not as hard as you think. Girls want you to get them. Girls want to be with men that get girls. This is a proven fact. Notice that players get all the girls and wussies get no girls. Girls would rather line up 10 at a time to be with 1 player while leaving unlimited amount of wussies alone. You decide where you want to fit in.

How to get a girl and build confidence,
Gregory B

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