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Dating Advice to Meet and sleep with women online.

Online Dating
I have been using Internet dating secrets and dating advice and have been meeting and sleeping with women online for years. Internet dating secrets and dating advice works and it works well. I have used many sites, such as match, yahoo dating, blackpeoplemeet, online booty call, MySpace, blackplanet, migente, plenty of fish, just to name a few. You have to try a few of them to see which ones work best for you. It is not hard to do. There is a method to it. You have to know what you want and go for it.

You can not be intimidated by women online. I know what you think about. You see a hot chick online and think that you can never approach a chic like that in real life so how can you get her attention online that way hundreds of other guys like you are competing for the same girls attention. It seems like a tall mountain to climb. I am going to help you. Think about it, if these women had boyfriends would they be online looking for a date. Thats right, women are looking for the same thing that you are looking for. They want sex and relationships, now i do not know in what particular order or combination of sex and or relationships these girls are looking for but women do want those things. With that knowledge you are one step ahead in the online dating game. Yes my friend you now understand that both you and the girl are on the Internet dating site for some of the same reasons.

Your next step is to communicate to these women that you understand what is going on and what you both want out of the interaction. The trick to this is to read the girls profile and communicate the qualities she craves in the right order. It will take some time but once you get used to it you will be able to figure it out and how you need to start off with the woman whether on the sex or relationship topic. You have to get like women and read in between the lines. Some girls are online mainly for sex and others are trying to get relationships. Most women will use sex to get the relationship. You have to communicate to these women that you are on the same page as them.

Get Started Now
Pick out a site and set up a profile and start contacting women immediately. You can tweak your profile as time goes by but the secret is to put your steps into action. If you see a girl you want online you have to contact her first. The reality of online is the same as on the street. Women generally do not make the first move. You have to communicate with the girl first in Internet dating.

Sites generally have two methods of contacting a woman. A flirt message or a custom email written by you. I prefer to send the flirt messages as they do not take much time and you can contact double the amount of women. Think about it, if you sit there and compose an email message for every girl you see online, that can take a great deal of time. Sending the flirt messages saves time and broadens your chances. Why waste time composing what you think of as a great email to send to what you think is a special girl when it is not even going to be read. Thats right dude, women get so many flirts and emails online that it is literally impossible for her to read through them if she has a day job. Your first contact with the girl has to stand out.

Online Dating To Do List

  • Make a list of what you are looking for. Do not be afraid to tell women what you want in a girlfriend.
  • Post a variety of pictures of yourself to give perspective women a good idea of what you look like and your life.
  • Contact as many women that fit your criteria on a daily basis.

Try some of my email dating tips:

1.    Always put your intentions in the subject line.

2.    Get straight to the put.

3.    Its ok to joke but do not kiss up or beg a girl.

4.    Call her to action.

5.    Get a phone number and meeting in either order, or drop this chick and move on to one worth your time.

Dating online does not have to be a challenge. In fact online dating has been so enjoyable for me. I have been on the online dating tip for years. For a girl and a guy, Internet dating is the best way to go. I hope you guys use my advice tips to the fullest. Here is 3 Tips On How To Pick Up Women Online that will get you a few numbers quickly.

Internet dating secrets and dating advice,
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