Meeting Women at Work

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Be very careful! How to approach women and Meeting women at work is something that happens everyday. When you get done with this article, you will have confidence with women in a way that you never thought of before, because I am going to call you to action. Women feed of your body language in the seduction process. That’s right, there are steps involved in the game and as long as you follow those steps women will let you have sex with them every time. It is not hard to get a girlfriend with the use of these methods. Once you know what women want and give it to them, they will be yours for good. Keeps reading and you like me will pick up women with confidence.

The office is full of rip opportunities waiting to be plucked. I have personally slept with numerous women in different places that I have worked at. When I think about those special lunchtime treats that some of my coworkers have given to me it brings great joy to my heart. You my friend can enjoy that lifestyle as well. Buyer beware. This is not safe ground. You have to look out for jealous people all around you. There will be people of lower, equal and higher positions that are very angry that you are getting women at work. You also have to realize that women can love you today and hate you tomorrow and with one word from these women you can be out of a job. With that said let’s move forward because the treats and delights that she can provide you with can be worth the risk.

Know The Signs
Before you make any moves on women at work, you have to see the signs.
Do not try to talk to random girls at work the way you would in a nightclub. That is sure to get you in a world of trouble, up to and including termination. Meeting women is work is a subtle science. Here is what you need to look for:

Eye contact from women

  • Women that start unnecessary conversations with you
  • Women who sit down in your general area
  • Women that say hello to you daily
  • The girls that bump into you often

Follow these guidelines and you are sure to hit and not miss.


Watch Out For The Player Haters
Player haters! These are the people that are extremely jealous about your success. That’s right your success. Once you step into the category of being a guy that can pull women, you are viewed as successful. Your position in the company is irrelevant. Once you start meeting and dating women at work, people will notice you. Some will admire you and others will plot for you’re down fall and destruction. These jealous people can be what you thought were your friends and will casually mention you movements to others including management. Player haters come in all sizes, shapes, genders, color, orientation and professional positions. For this reason you have to move smooth and swift at work. Think of yourself as a stealth bomber, it is so powerful but they can’t see it coming. Those who are a danger to you watch you closer than you will ever know. It is your job to watch for the ones that are watching you. It is very important that you watch them as well.

Office Politics
Before you will have the authority to approach women in and around the office you will need to gain the respect of all personnel. That is everyone from the lowest to the highest personnel level. Once you have commanded the respect of all you can now move on with your seek, acquire and conquire mission to have sex with as many women in the office as you choose. Before getting the women you have to win the group.

Make Your Move
Once you see the opening you have to acknowledge her, letting these girls know that you are on the same page. When she checks you out, you can not act like you don’t see that because she will think that you are not interested and some other guy will get her without even trying hard. For example

  1. You look at her
  2. She looks at you
  3. You say hi
  4. She says hi or smiles

That’s all it will take you. The steps above are easy to do. It is now your turn to approach with a smile. You need to follow my steps and you will be doing pretty well with the girls at work. Once you have got past that part, you can move on to the next step.

Close The Deal
Next time you see her, and I really mean the exact next time. Make a little small talk with her and get her number right away. That’s right you need to get her number right away before the attraction dies down. Let her know that it’s pretty cool talking to her and you want her number to talk some more. Women will give you their number right away if you ask for it.

Now that you have a pretty good relationship with women at work and hopefully have slept with a few girls at work by now. You should be on cruise control. Listen, women love to go out for drinks or food after work, especially on Thursday of Friday. Use your email or cell phone text to invite a few of them out to a local spot for wings, shrimp and drinks. I guarantee you will take one of those women home with you that night. This life can be yours by following my easy steps.

Meeting women at work and How to approach women,
Gregory B

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