Pick Up Lines

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Why Use Pick Up Lines?

You have to have a game plan in meeting women. Pick up lines and things to say to get laid are your road map. Without a game plan you will loose the game. Using pick up lines eliminates nervous behavior, where you are looking for stuff to say and appear to be at a lose for words. I am a natural who can easily freestyle my way through interactions with women. My congruence is at a high level. Even men who are naturals use and study pick up lines.

The pick up lines that I am going to share with you are field tested and work. Many of these pick up lines come from my own experience in meeting and dating women. You have to use my pick up lines. So will work better for you than others depending on your style. Once you incorporate my pick up lines into your daily routine, it will change you life.

Be Consistent With Your Pick Up Lines

  1. Know what you are saying and what it means to say it.
  2. Believe in what you say, or she will not believe in you.
  3. Say your pick up line with a commanding voice.


Do not worry if she is not paying attention to your pick up line. Women pay attention to details and are observing their environment even when you think they are not. If you deliver the pick up line with confidence, women will respond.

How Pick Up Lines Work

You have to understand the women do not know you. You have to come with good conversation that can stimulate her most important asset, her mind, not her ass or boobs, but her mind. Once you open up with good pick up lines, women are more likely to give you a chance. Guy, all you have to do is open up with your selected pick up line. It is that simple. You see a girl you want to talk too, you just open right up with one of my proven pick up lines. Do not worry if she does not respond right away, just go into your pick up routine right away. Women are paying attention to you if anything to protect themselves from crazy guys.

Including Pick Up Lines In Conversations

Now for the pick up lines you have been waiting for. It is good to start these off with “Hey” or “Hi”.

  • I have been wanting to say hello to you all night.
  • What’s up, or so! what’s up.
  • Besides your looks what else do you have going for yourself.
  • Hey girls come here for a second.
  • Girls, rescue me.
  • I have been noticing you, noticing me and decided to come over and say hi.
  • What’s good with this after party I got going on?
  • I caught you looking.
  • Slow down.
  • Slow down, baby.
  • When women are driving or riding a bike, say: can I get a ride?

You can get a women’s attention by calling her by a feature on or about her. Make sure you exclude here boobs and ass. Lets say that you notice something about her. Call her on that. It could be jewelry, clothing, style, hair style is especially good. Some of the best pick up lines are basically calling women by their clothing color. For a girl wearing blue jeans, you would say, Hi blue, Hey blue, let me talk to you for a second. For a women with a distinctive hair color for example, you could say, Hey blondie, hold on a sec while I talk to you. That is what pick up lines are all about. Pick up lines must match with the environment and the situation.

Use eye contact when using your pick up lines. Do not worry if she is trying to ignore you or does not make eye contact, you need to continue to attempt eye contact. You as the guy is supposed to be the aggressor. Women like it that way. Trust me, I have been with many women that tell me that they get turned on when men take the lead and imitate stuff. You have to remember that women almost never open conversations with you or call you on the phone when first meeting. I must add that alpha males do get this treatment.

Put Pick Up Lines To Use Right Now

Start using my pick up lines now. Do not wait until the right time, because the time is now. When you see a women you want to approach, go in right away. Just use the proven pick up lines I have shared with you and see the magic happen. You will get phone numbers and more. When you see a girl, use my pick up lines and watch your life change. Check out this article on how to pick up women at the mall. I want you to let me know how this stuff is working for you. Join the forum and share your experience with all of us.

If you have stuff to add, please do so. I am always interested in helping people and believe this to be the one of the keys to my success. What ever you put in is what you get back. Use my pick up lines now and let me know on the forum of any modifications you have found to be successful or some of your own that work so we can share them.

Pick up lines and things to say to get laid,
Gregory B

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