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Tips For Men to Stop Masterbation.

You can stop masterbation and score women now. Masterbation is a taboo subject for men and women alike. Many men do not like to admit that they perform masterbation. If you are very successful with women and choose masterbation from time to time that is ok because you have the mating and dating thing taken cared of. Now if you have trouble with dating and relationships, you should absolutely not use masterbation. I took on this subject of masterbation because I know it is one of the toughest sticking points to get over.

depressed guy wants to stop masterbationStop Masterbation Now

You must stop masterbation because that is the root cause of your women problems.
Stop looking at porn immediately. Porn will trigger masterbation in anybody, women and men included. I know because I have had many of my girlfriends tell me that they masterbated when the need arouse and some have even masturbated in front of me. Stop looking at porn or anything that is remotely sexy and get out of the house and socialize with real women so you can get started on getting laid.

Listen man, if you are busy with masterbation how can you be having sex with live women. Get it; it is one or the other. When you use masterbation as a sexual outlet you eliminate the need for a women for the time being and that decreases your sexual aggression. If you know that you can get it from your hands and a video or book, your subconscious will not pursue women as aggressively as if you didn't’t get any sex for a long time. When you don’t have something you go for it really hard.

Why You Should Stop Masterbation?

guy following girl because he can not stop masterbationDo not be a stalker that acts weird and follows girls around and masterbates. Be friendly with a nice appearance and talk to girls. You will notice once you stop masterbation, how much harder you will try to pick up women. This is a natural mating and dating instinct that will be at work. Women want to have sex with men all the time. They just act like they are not into it. Women love to please there man. Any of you who have been in happy relationships know what I'm talking about. Now that you understand that you must stop masterbation we can move on to how to steps to stopping masterbation.

How to Get Started To Stop Masterbation

Every time you get the urge for masterbating, pick up the phone and start calling a few women to hook up with. It will be difficult to start to do but trust me dude it is worth it. If you do not have a list of women to call then you must get to work on building your list. Review my material for places to meet women. You should be out in the world meeting women.

guy is able to stop masterbation and pick up womenStop Masterbation And Start Your New Life

You Are A New Man Now. Now that you have the information to stop masterbation, you need to stop masterbation immediately. Start calling all those women out there that need some man meat. Women are waiting for you right now. It is up to you to start approaching them and building short and long term relationships. There are women out there that just want to get laid on a one-night stand and others want relationships leading to marriage. What they all have in common is that all women want sex. Once you understand that you will be comfortable in the approach and follow through with your interactions with women. You have to Stop Women In A Street Approach in order to start getting real sex. Once you start approaching women regularly the sex will come and you can stop masterbation.

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